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94 Red Itinerary2012 Regional Schedule


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94 Red Itinerary


Friday, June 22, 2012

There will not be an opening ceremony or pre-event practice but ALL players must arrive to hotel in time for jog/stretch and team dinner

ï· Sometime between the time you wake up and the time you depart for Michigan, do a light cardio and ball workout to break a sweat and then get in a good stretch. (30-40 mins)

ï· 5:00 PM Team jog/stretch at Hotel – wear training gear

ï· 6:00 PM Team Dinner: Details TDB


Team Dinner Attire:

ISC Club Regionals 2012 Jersey

All team members must dress alike

No holes, cutoffs, short shorts, etc. Shorts length – if you cannot wear it to school, don’t wear it here

ï· Player Curfew 10:00 PM


Saturday, June 23, 2012

8:00 AM Team Breakfast at TBD (hotel breakfast will not be enough to last through 2 PM)

11:30 AM pre-game warm-up

12:00 PM kickoff vs MN (Eden Prarie) @ Field 4 (wear all blue)

2:00 PM RE-GEN at hotel as a team

2:45 PM European Championships Quarter-Finals (ESPN)

6:00 PM Dinner on your own

Player Curfew 10:00 PM

Sunday, June 24, 2012

7:00 AM Team Breakfast at hotel

9:30 AM pre-game warm-up

10:00 AM kickoff vs WI (North Shore United) @ Field 4 (wear all white)

12:00 PM RE-GEN at hotel as a team & Lunch on your own

2:45 PM European Championships Quarter-Finals (ESPN)

6:00 PM Team Dinner – details TBA

Team Dinner Attire: Players will choose but must be ISC gear and all must look alike

Player Curfew 10:00 PM

Monday, June 25, 2012

8:00 AM Breakfast or light snack on your own

9:30 AM Team jog/stretch at hotel

10:30 AM team brunch – details TBD

1:30 PM pre-game warm-up

2:00 PM kickoff vs MO (Harambe FC Viati) @ Field 3 (wear all blue)

4:00 PM RE-GEN as a team at hotel

6:00 PM Team Dinner/Meeting – Details TDB

Player Curfew 10:00 PM

Respect All, Fear None

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2012 Regional Schedule


Sat. 6/23/2012

12:00 pm          Field  4


Sun. 6/24/2012

10:00 am         Field 4


Mon. 6/25/2012

2:00 pm           Field 3

  soccer field layout map (this downloads as a must open when downloaded)


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