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About Us


DPS Radio has been in existence since 2005, providing the world what they have been missing.   With all of the cookie cutter type radio stations that exist, DPS Radio strives to reach the masses with a different look and feel to music and entertainment.  Based in Columbus, Ohio and following the pioneers of the radio and entertainment industry,  DPS Radio and Soul plan on separating themselves from other radio stations.  How? By simply having better content and providing the listeners with a unique listening experience.  Whether its from live mixshows(with actual djs) and mixes or our on- air personalities and their shows, the midwest and beyond will never be the same.  So stay tuned and enjoy the ride.


DPS SOUL is the "sister station" follows the exact same principles of DPS Radio except it brings that R/B and mature vibe that appeals to all ages as well.  Check out the live djs and talk shows 7 days a week on both stations.  

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Hits us up  at dpsradiodjs@gmail.com

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Listen Live - DPS Radio


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Listen Live - DPS Soul


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Our Shows


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On Air Personalities


Rich NYCe

DPS Radio: Saturdays-9:30-11:30 Femme Fatale Pregame

DPS Radio:  Sundays- 8:30-10p- C.O.R.N.

Chronicles of Rich NYCe

DPS Radio: Mondays- 9:30-11:30 Femme Fatale Diva

DPS Soul: Mondays-9-11p Shawni and Shipe Show

DPS Soul: Tuesdays 9-11 Soulclap


DPS Soul: Bigtee's house Weds 6-8pm DPS Radio: Sat Afternoon Mix Show Sat's 12-2pm


SAT20  Tues: 8:30-10p

Dez and Durl Takeover

Wed: 10-midnight

Thurs:  Kingsrowe Radio 8:30-10

#FFR 10-midnight



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