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Due to extreme weather conditions, all programs will be closed 02-05-2014.

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Starlight School: First day of school is August 20th, with typicals beginning August 26th.

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Careers at TCBDD


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Adult Services


Doing business for over 40 year serving persons with disabilities. Helping to put people to work!


Employment First!

  1. We believe in people working in their community.
  2. We believe in greater opportunities to increase incomes, advance careers, and promote choice.
  3. We believe in working with employers to partner for job opportunities.



Our staff is:

  • Certified under the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Certified in CPR and first aid and we have a full time nurse on staff
  • Engaged in continuous training in safety, employment, policies and procedures
  • Engaged in continuous training in customized employment, job task analysis, benefits analysis, resume writing, tax incentives, and use of natural supports
  • Experienced in relationship- building skills
  • Motivated to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.


The Tuscarawas County Board of DD provides many services to adults, ranging in age from teenagers to senior citizens. Our goal is to help each individual live and work as independently as possible and to become contributing members of the community.

Self-Determination is our approach to services and supports for people with disabilities. The Tuscarawas County Board of DD is committed through their programs to individual freedom and the opportunity to choose needed supports and services.

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SCHOOL STARTS August 20th, with typicals starting August 26th

At the Starlight School, we take a team approach to needs and programming. For children to attend Starlight, there must be two areas of delay, with cognitive delay required. We emphasize readiness skills and functional academics for our younger students, and vocational independence skills along with community experience the focus for our older students.

In addition, we provide an Early Intervention Program and Preschool Program.

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Service & Support


The service Facilitators on the staff of TCBDD provide the support to link individuals to the services and support they need. Their everyday focus is the individual. What does the individual and their family need and want to support their life in a quality manner?  How can we help facilitate the support in a fiscally responsible manner? These are questions Service Facilitators must ask each and every day to remain responsive to the individual and their family.

In addition to linking individuals to the proper services, the Service Facilitators also monitor service delivery. They fill an important role in coordinating all services for adults and children on their caseloads, including waiver residential services, employment services, service connections, and financial issues of life that may occur.


Service Facilitators are responsible to:

  • Establish an individual’s eligibility for services.
  • Develop plans for individuals so that they can get the services they want and need.
  • Help individuals to become more connected to their communities.
  • Establish budgets for needed services.
  • Help identify qualified service providers so individuals can choose providers they like.
  • Ensure that services meet the needs of the individuals being supported, and revise services if they do not.
  • Monitor to ensure the health and safety of the individuals they help.
  • Help individuals manage their money so they can figure out what they can afford.
  • Assist families in making future life plans (for their family member who receives services) for a time when they are no longer able to care for them or provide direct support.

Linking Individuals and Families to Services

The following services are provided to all eligible individuals by Service Facilitators, per Medicaid and Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilites rules, to ensure the health and safety and to improve the quality of life with individuals.

We can assist you with:

  • Adult Service Day Programs
  • Work Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Residential Services through Medicaid Waivers
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Guardianship Information
  • Referrals to other area agencies, such as: Mental Health Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services

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More than 200 passengers are transported daily, door to door in most instances depending on the disability of the passenger.  The TCBDD buses travel to every corner of Tuscarawas County on a daily basis.  Annually our fleet of buses log over 200,000 miles.

Each bus has both a driver and a transportation assistant to provide the level of care and assistance needed.  The transportation staff is required to undergo annual training in first aid / CPR.  Additionally, all buses are inspected yearly by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and routes are analyzed annually to try and minimize the length of each individuals bus ride.

  To let the Transportation Department know that an individual will not be on the bus (call off number), please call 330-339-9557

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