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About Our Apps


The Mobile Phone market is growing so quickly it is hard to keep up on what is going on. Participation in this fast-growing mobile market is no longer optional, but essential. Developing mobile apps for Android, Apple or Blackberry based smart phones and tablets takes technical skills and money that many business owners, sports teams, and restaurateurs don’t have access to.

FastAPPZ takes these technical and financial issues out of the equation. Our system is so easy to use and update, anyone that can turn on a computer can use and update their app. No fancy computer programming skills are needed to make simply type what you want your customers or members to know. Whether it is your schedule, upcoming feature events, news, bio, links, results, directions, contact info and much more, you can update it with a simple click of the mouse.

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Our sales office is located in Franklin, Ohio. However, we are able to develop apps for anywhere in the United States!

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Why an App?


With a FastAPPZ mobile app you can customize your mobile advertising and connect instantly with your customers!

By the end of the year, 87% of all adults in the U.S. will own a smart phone.

With a mobile app from FastAPPZ you can build brand awareness, personalize your offers in real time, and stimulate existing customer loyalty by enhancing the convenience of their shopping experience.

With our mobile app you can broadcast text messages to your customers and bring them right to your door.

Capitalize on the fastest growing platform in the world... Call us today!

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FastAPPZ guarantees to deliver a customized and fully branded mobile app in 2-3 DAYS, not weeks or months. We take your content, optimize it for a variety of mobile platforms and will make it available to your audience to download onto their smart phones.

FastAPPZ provides a complete solution including development, management, distribution, maintenance and support.

App Management

Update your app as often as you like: add & delete headers, header titles, content, post new information links and organize into categories – all in real-time.

The world of smart phones and apps can and will change quickly. Mobile Imprint is on top of it, and will release new features and functionality as things change. The main thing is our customers don’t have to do a thing. As long as you’re customer of, you’ll receive any new bells and whistles automatically as they happen.


Find out how many times your app is being downloaded and viewed.

Simple Submission

FastAPPZ will provide you with a link to place on your business website along with placing your app into the Android Market and into our Local Market for you.

Technical Support

As a full-service mobile app provider, our support for your application does not end when the initial setup is complete. FastAPPZ pledges to provide on-going maintenance and enhancements. Enhancements include new functionality, as well as, support for new mobile platforms as they become available.

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App vs Web


People Spend More Time On Apps Than On The Web

Posted 06/21/2011 at 8:35am | by Brad Chacos

Horror stories of Internet-addicted people dropping dead in Asian Internet cafes after marathon gaming sessions are plastered across the Web. Now that we think about it, though, it's been a while since we've heard of a new Starcraft-related fatality. Could it be that people simply aren't plugged into the Web as much these days? Oh, no, a new report says – people still spend over an hour a day connected to the Internet. Hardcore gamers might be getting up and stretching their legs more often, though, since the study shows that mobile app usage now exceeds the time spent on the Web.

Users spend 81 minutes per day on mobile apps and just 74 minutes per day on the Web, according to Flurry, a research firm. The company's been tracking the stats for at least a year now, and not only is this the first time that mobile app usage has surpassed Web usage, but it represents a major shift in user focus in a short period of time. In June 2010, the average user only spent 43 minutes fooling around with mobile apps. That's almost a twofold increase in the space of a single year. Web usage has also increased over the past year, but at a much more modest 14 percent pace.

Maximum Tech's Take: We're not surprised to see apps overtake general Web usage, seeing as how everyone – even some elementary school kids – have smartphones these days. Expect the already-colossal app markets to continue to swell as more people get accustomed to using their phones for more than just texting.

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Easily add your videos to your app.


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(with complete payment of fourty-eight months service agreement)

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You can even upload your own header images for that "custom app" look.

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